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Corn Wagon

The Corn Wagon is located only 5 minutes from our food trailer, so of course we purchase as much fresh produce from them as possible. We use their corn in our sweet corn risotto, peaches in Fresh Peach Pie,  zucchini to make zoodles, and bell pepper and tomatoes in tons of dishes. You can't beat fresh produce, and that's what we're all about!


Chestnut Ridge Honey LLC

We incorporate their raw, natural, oh so delicious honey into various dishes. It's been previously used in hot honey sauce for fried chicken, burnt honey vinaigrette for a Fall harvest salad, and simply as pure honey in a gorgeous charcuterie board. Check out their Facebook page @chestnutridgehoney for more information. 


Hummer's Meats

Located in Mt. Joy, this popular family owned business is the source for various meats used in our menu and for catering events. Whether it's NY Strip, Beef Short Ribs, or various other cuts, we are confident that you will receive only the freshest meats.

We Want Your Products

Shop local. Support small businesses; That's what we are all about. If you own a local business and want your food products incorporated in our menus, click the button below! We would love to add you to our "Local Gems" list and promote your business.

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