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Stylish Meets Delicious

" I believe that homemade is the best way, and in my case, it's the only way I make food. Every dish that I produce is scratch made, right down to the condiments!"

-Chef Julie

My Philosophies

1. Brown butter makes EVERYTHING taste better!

2. Mascarpone is my secret to make any cream based soup, sauce etc. taste velvety and smooth.

3. Garlic should go in (almost) every savory dish.

4. Apart from simply tasting amazing, texture, color, and balancing flavors are KEY to creating a successful dish.

5. Adding a little chili powder never hurt anyone. A little bit can give any dish that extra bit of flavor to put it over the top.

6. Smoked ANYTHING is amazing!! Smoked meat, smoked cheese, smoked aioli can't go wrong!

7. When making a savory dish, don't measure anything. I sure don't. TASTE the food, season it, and add ingredients accordingly until it tastes amazing, not according to what a recipe says.

8. Speaking of, what even is a recipe?! Recipes are never used when I cook.

9. Fresh pasta is so much better than from a box. While it may seem daunting to make, it's really not. Take the extra few minutes to make it yourself. It's worth it!

10. If you're going to make a dish, do it right. Don't cut corners. You'll be able to tell. 

My Story




     "My senior year of high school I went to Mount Joy Career and Technology Center (CTC) for their one year culinary program. Here is where I learned the basics in the kitchen. I became top of my class which led me to win an in house cooking competition. This advanced me to compete in Skills USA, a culinary competition amongst students from all over the state. I placed second in the preliminary competition (0.10 of a point away from making it to districts).

       I decided to do a Co-Op program where I went to work at The Pressroom Restaurant in Lancaster as a prep cook instead of going to CTC everyday. Upon completing the Co-Op program I was offered a full time line cook position at only 18years old. Here is where I started to develop my craft as a chef. I worked the pantry and pizza station and ran Sunday Brunch alongside another coworker. A year and a half later I decided to go back to college to have a more secure future, so I went to HACC for their pre-dietetics program. After two years I transferred to West Chester University where I received my Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics with the goal of becoming a dietitian.

        During my time at West Chester I worked as a server/bartender. I always hoped I would find a way to incorporate my love of cooking back into my life somehow. When COVID-19 happened, serving/bartending was not the optimal job since restaurants were closed down for so long. I decided to take a risk, quit my job, and change my future plans of becoming a dietitian in order to pursue my lifelong dream of having my own food business. In June of 2020 Gourmet Julie's Way was created. What started out as simply delivering my homemade meals led to catering weddings and events for 100+ people, buying a food trailer, and building my business from the ground up, all with the hope of owning my own restaurant one day. "

Gourmet Julies Way_logo.jpg

Food Trailer & Catering Service

Based in Lancaster

 Specializes in unique scratch made food 

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