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Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves in producing high quality food using fresh, local ingredients. Serving the public and bringing happiness to all through the use of our homemade food is what we strive to accomplish. Our dedication to holding ourselves to this standard and producing delicious food has awarded us multiple acknowledgments since we opened in June, 2020. 


Voted One of 94 Best Places In Lancaster For Takeout in February, 2021

"We asked readers to tell us the best places to get takeout in Lancaster County and got well over 200 responses. The restaurants below each got three or more nominations"

                              - Mickayla Miller, LNP


One of Three Chefs Featured in Balance Magazine in April 2021

food truck poll #6.jpg

Voted 6th Best Food Truck in Pennsylvania in November 2021


best of lancaster pic.jpg

Voted #2 Best Food Truck in Lancaster County 2022 by Lancaster County Magazine's Readers' Choice Survey


Gourmet Julies Way_logo.jpg

Food Trailer & Catering Service

Based in Lancaster

 Specializes in unique scratch made food 

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